Chainsaw in My Throat

I was in Bangkok over the New Year and I stumbled across this anti cough pills. I read promising reviews how it would stop the worst coughs and you will feel so relieved and refreshed.

The whole family is down with a cough probably of the same strain since Christmas Day and unfortunately for Aslan, the bug just got worse. He’s got the chills now.

Aslan was super sceptical when he saw the packet. “Umm… Do you think centipede is the secret ingredient in this herbal concoction?” He asked me in a nervous tone just before popping some pills.

Another friend dramatically said if it is really anti cough pills or centipede poison because she could not understand Thai. I rest assured her it is indeed a packet of traditional herbal medicine rather than insect poison.

Maybe the centipedes are metaphors. This traditional herbal medicine will exterminate whatever bug you have in your system that is causing you to cough your head off.

Aslan could be the most unfortunate person on Earth because the traditional herbal medicine did not stop the cough. This is one stubborn bug. He is tempted to take Zentel. If it doesn’t exterminate the cold bug, at least it will flush out some chopped up worms.

I’ve googled the subject mattered and this is what I have gathered so far. How to treat a stubborn cough.

  1. Mix honey and lemon in water. Consume to soothe aching throat from the aggressive coughing
  2. Sleep with slightly tilted head make bed time for comfortable and less coughing
  3. Pour hot water in a bowl and leave it in a room as a dehumidifier. Dry air encourages cough.
  4. Let hot water run in the shower and breathe in the steam to let the phlegm clear in the Airways. If it works for babies, it works for adults.
  5. Eat less or if you can, avoid, creamy stuff like dairy as well as oily stuff. If you must eat bland stuff, make it more interesting by adding a lot of fruits and vegetables and nuts. Garlic is known to be extra nutritional and has anti bacterial properties.
  6. Drink lots of water and rest rest rest.

Most importantly, keep the virus to yourself by washing your hands regularly. Use tissue to cover your mouth and dispose contaminated tissues properly.

I hope I will recover soon.


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Hi there! My name is Effa and I am from Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. I am happily married with two kids. I am a housewife with big dreams. I love to cook and bake, read when I have the time, shop and most importantly travel. I have a degree in Communication Studies from UNIMAS. Growing up, I always dream of being a journalist. Perhaps when the kids are older, I can pursue that dream again. This blog gives you a little slice of my life. When I'm not blogging, you can always follow me on Instagram @ailydaffe Here's to something new. Love always, E.

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